Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,

I’ve never done a Christmas Letter and I’m not going to start now but this year has had so much change in it I thought I’d at least write a few thoughts down to share.  We are all happy and healthy and enjoying life in Las Vegas.  As you all now the biggest change our family experienced this year was our move to Las Vegas.  It truly has been a blessing to us to be here.  Right from the start when the job entered the horizon we feel like we have been led to where we are today.  Right from our initial hesitation to leave Idaho to our first Christmas in Las Vegas.  We miss our Idaho friends and family but are making new friends that bless our lives every day. 

Rory:  12 years old.  Rory has had a great year.  She does well in school and is our little social butterfly.  She loves pink and My Little Pony.  She is taking dance classes at school and is making new friends.  She went to girls camp two days after arriving in Vegas without previously meeting anyone and fit right in.  She continues to love to draw and has branched out into designing clothes. 

Matthew:  17 years old.  Matt has arguably had the biggest change this year.  Moving to a new city and a new school in your senior year can be tough but he is handling it like a trouper.  Matt has been doing well in school in and enjoys it.  Because of the move the school put him in classes designed to help him pass the Nevada proficiency tests.  He passed them all on his first try so they are moving him to some more fun and challenging classes at the break.  Matt spent the summer serving on Cedar Badge Staff and as the Archery Director at Island Park Scout Camp.  He passed his Eagle Board of Review just a few weeks ago.  He is looking to start his missionary application early next year to leave hopefully sometime in the summer. 

Molly:  20 years old.  Molly has been taking online classes through BYU-Idaho.  She completed the Pathways program a few years ago so she takes classes online now but does not attend a group.  She worked at the Deseret Industries in Idaho Falls and a few weeks ago was able to reenter the program here in Las Vegas.  She will be able to do that for a little while and they will help her find a job.   She still loves to read, draw and has picked up cross stitching this year.  She started attending a Singles Ward when she got to Vegas and has really enjoyed it. 

Jana:  Jana finished out her time at Taylors Crossing Charter School.  It was very hard for her to leave.  She had a good thing going and her students and parents loved her.  She found a job at Doral Academy within a few weeks of finding out we were moving to Las Vegas.  She is now teaching fourth grade.  She keeps very busy with school but as always really seems to reach her kids.  She really enjoys being part of team again with three other fourth grade teachers.  Jana was called to be the Second Counselor in our Relief Society Presidency and enjoys working with sisters in our new ward. 

Brian:  After a most definite impression that change was needed Brian uprooted the entire family to move to Las Vegas.  He started working as the Director of Support Service for the Las Vegas Area Council in May.  He still gets to oversee camps and the office support staff.  He has found the job challenging but loves working here and being a part of the LVAC team.  Brian finally got to go to Camp School this year, something he’s been trying to do for four years.  He also enjoyed some time in Southern California for a week for Top Hands.  He took his first swim in the Ocean but wished his family had been there.  Brian was called as our Ward Young Men President last week and is looking forward to working with the youth.

We have all had a very eventful year.  Things didn’t go as we planned when we started the year but we are in a place that makes us all very happy.  This move has brought us blessings we never would have realized had we stayed in Idaho.  The change has acted as a refiner’s fire and made us all stronger.  We have had to learn to rely on our Savior Jesus Christ even more.  We know that he is active in our lives and is aware of us and our needs.  We have seen this in our lives this year.  Things have definitely not been easy and still have some loose ends were trying to tie up (anyone want to buy a house in Iona), but everything has been worth it.  We are truly blessed. 

We are wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope that you too, feel the love of our Savior.  If any of you are traveling through Vegas give us a call, we’d love to see ya. 

The Porters. 

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Betsy said...

It's crazy to think how grown up your kids now! I remember when Molly and Matt were at Cammp Keisel-so YOUNG and Rory just 3 months old at Salmon River! I'm so happy to hear things are going to well for you in Vegas!